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Amber s.

"Before I met Dr. Kelsey I knew nothing about the pelvic floor. When I attended one of her workshops my mind was blown! I was 6 months pregnant at the time I had my first appointment and Dr. Kelsey reassured me that the issues I have been dealing with have developed overtime and CAN be corrected. Fast forward to now I am pleased to report that I am pain FREE. I'm still a work in progress, but with the short amount of time I have seen her my issues have improved drastically! I cannot thank Dr. Kelsey enough for what she has done for me during my pregnancy and postpartum. I am looking forward to see the full results at the end!

Elise H.

"Dr. Kelsey is so knowledgeable and wonderful at what she does! I had a very tough recovery after having my first baby and knew that no matter what, I wanted a different outcome next time. Dr. Kelsey has excellent bedside manner and is so attentive to what your goals are. After a few weeks of pelvic floor PT, I was able to get back to exercising comfortably (& safely) at 3 months postpartum (way sooner than I anticipated!) I did not have any “symptoms”, but wanted to be sure I did not develop any in the future - my goal was to recover and rehab properly after being pregnant and giving birth. Pelvic floor PT should absolutely be part of routine care postpartum, whether symptomatic or not. Highly recommend!

Destiny M.

“Our experience with Kelsey has been nothing but amazing! She always explains in detail what’s going on with our son and why and makes sure we are doing everything we can to give him the best shot at progressing with his condition!”


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